History of IAP

In the summer of 1976 a group of Iranian Prosthodontists including Doctors Ms.Han Yank Azarmehr and Mr.Nikzad Javid, Mr.Jafar Dadmanesh and Mr.Iraj Shafagh, thought to create a planning of the scientific Academy and professional meetings and provided relevant constitution. Then they were delivered that to the all dentists in the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of time, whereby the value of a verdict, that were known as a specialist in the field of prosthesis. Finally, on 19 July 1976 Ladies and Sirs Dr.Parviz Azarmehr, Dr.Han Yank Azarmehr, Dr.Mohsen Azarbal, Dr.Hamid Arfaei, Dr.Abolghasem Boluri, Dr.Nikzad Javid, Dr.Bijan Khaknegar Moghadam, Dr.Jafar Dadmanesh, Dr.Parvane Raeisi, Dr.Iraj Shafagh, Dr.Grigor Shirinian, Dr.Mohammad Edalat, Dr.Ahmad Alavi, Dr.Parivash Farahvashi , Dr.Houshang Ghasrian Kashani, Dr.Farhad Vahidi, Dr.Mehrangiz Vafa, Dr.Ali Yarmand as the 18 founding members of the Iranian Academy of Prosthodontists, hold a meeting in the location of the dental community and approved the Statute of the Academy. Then Academy board election was done that based on the results, Dr.Parviz Azar Mehr as Chairman, Dr.Jafar Dadmanesh as successor and Dr.Hamid Arfaei, Dr.Iraj Shafagh and Dr.Mohsen Azarbal were selected as members.

Iranian Academy Prosthodontists from this date begins to work officially recognized as the first Community Dentistry and the oldest of Dentistry of the Dental Association of Iran. The next round of elections were not held because of the turbulent winter of 1979 and after the Islamic Revolution in 1983, was performed with a delay of several years in the Hotel Astoria (current Hoveyzeh). In this election Dr.Hassan Sazgara was appointed as Chairman of the Academy. Despite the imposed war and changing necessities of the country scientific societies are also affected, and they went beyond the silence and stillness because the legal framework for the definition was not guarded. Thus, the Board of Directors for 14 years remained at his position.

After the presidential election in 1997 and increased activity of Forum, with the support of the Ministry of Health and Medical Sciences, the name of the Iranian Association Academy of Prosthodontists was changed to Iran Association of Prosthodontists and with a new form and organization; a new era began its rebirth.

In 1999, the first election of the new board took place that the Dr.Jafar Dadmanesh as the chairman and Dr.Hassan Sazgara as successor were appointed. Dr.Jafar Dadmanesh Was responsible as Chairman for the second term. In the 3rd period Dr.Gholamreza Ghaznavi that was successor in the 2nd term was elected as chairman of the Association. In the 4th period in year 2005 Dr.Hassan Sazgara was elected as chairman. From this period Dr.Gholamreza Ghaznavi as a successor with Dr.Sazgara continued to work with the Association, Cooperation that has continued to this day, on this side.

In the election of year 2007 Dr.Kaveh Seyedan who was association member in 3rd and 4th period was apointed as chairman. By changing the duration of the appointment of board forums from 2 years to 3 years, the board remained in that position until the 5th period of 3 years until the election of 2010 that next election took place. In this year also Dr.Kaveh Seyyedan was appointed as Chairman.

In the most recent election, held on Thursday 7 December 2013 simultaneously with the 13th Congress, board election of seventh period with 133 enthusiastic associates who have a record for the professional forums, held in Tehran Olympic Hotel. Whereby Dr.Kaveh Seyedan, Dr.Ali Tajernia, Dr.Marzie Ali Khasi, Dr.Mehdi Javan and Dr.Gholamreza Ghaznavi were elected as members of the board and Dr.Mohammad Hassan Salari was elected as an inspector.

 In general, it should be said after year 1999 elections have been held regularly in accordance with law.

 Association of Prosthodontists of Iran since 2001 has been held a congress regularly every year. Association during these congresses was with making Strong relationships improve the international pioneer of Iran dental status and recognition in the region and the world.

Applied lectures, practical workshops and corporate notables and chiefs of World Dental Association were the unique characteristics of each Congress.

Multiplicity of participants and the presence of numerous dental equipment companies in adverse exhibitions, the Congress are quite distinct from other specialized Congress, and poses Iran Association of Prosthodontists as the greatest branch of professional forums. The people who have taken the Iranian association of Prosthodontists are well known. This subject itself is a cause to hold these Congresses better.

First Congress in 2001, chaired by Dr.Jafar Dadmanesh, board chairman at the time, was held in Imam Ali’s Shahid Beheshti University. Then the need for more space, the 2nd congress was held in Razi conference center and the 6th Congress was held at the same place. Congress of second to 6th respectively was administratored by Dr.Mehran Nourbakhsh, Dr.Gholamreza Ghaznavi, Dr.Kaveh Seyedan, Dr.Hassan Sazgara and Dr.Akbar Fazel.

In 2007, with increasing in number of participants increased to more than 1,500 companies and business related, the need for greater space felt, so 7th Congress passed to the Olympic Hotel, Tehran. This congress was headed by Dr.Majid Naser Khaki and the 8th Congress was headed by Dr.Mohammad Hossein Dashti was held in this same place.

According to the 9th Congress of the Board Directors of time in 2009 by Dr.Ismail Sharifi at the center of international conferences was held in Mashhad. After that so far forum in the Olympic Hotel, Tehran was the host of participants.

Congress 10th to 13th, respectively, was headed by Dr.Kazem Morshedi, Dr.Mohammad Hassan Shahroudi, Dr.Ali Tajernia and Dr.Zafar Mahdavi Izadi. From 2013 and 14th Congress, location of congress changed to International Convention Center of Milad Tower for more space and equipment. Congress 14th to 16th, respectively, was headed by Dr. Faramarz Alaie, Dr. Abbas Monzavi and Dr. Esmaiel Asad Zadeh. 17th Congress will be held under the chairmanship of honorable old timers Dr. Ahmad Rokni.